Business Intelligence


Blinx Business Intelligence unites your data, gives you real-time insight plus predictive looking intelligence and unlocks the efficiencies hidden within your data estate. 

Even if your business has mature IT systems, getting your arms around the intelligence within it can be daunting. Instead of teams of analysts taking months to produce static, retrospective reports, Blinx integrates and unites your data onto a single platform, giving you real-time insight to support the executive views and shop floor reports alike, including predictive analysis to look forward, not backward.

This is the intelligence that makes a difference - the best practice intelligence, driven by years of global supply chain, procurement and finance experience. React to demand signals in your business and keep your customers happy, reduce the time spent analysing data and unite your teams around a single source of truth. ​

With a cutting-edge user experience delivered in a gaming platform, your users will stay engaged and drive continuous innovation. 

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