All businesses need to manage the day-the-day, but most ERPs are not fit for your exact needs. ERP Lite is made to fit your processes and systems to deliver the first world-class, right-sized ERP that caters exactly to your growing business.


ERP Lite integrates with your current data systems, whether online or offline, in order to create a right-sized ERP for your growing business - one platform, unlimited users, one simple monthly cost.



Our aim is to show you value in the shortest time possible. We work with your business to diagnose and understand your business process challenges, and then deliver a rapid Proof of Concept against a high-value business objective, showing you how quickly you can be up and running with a better type of ERP.


​Blinx ERP Lite is designed to give everyone connected visibility and a single source of truth, from the Top Floor management to the Shop Floor workers. ERP Lite improves business insight with real-time visibility and instant reporting, helps your business run efficiently to lower management and operational costs by integrating systems and delivers a world-class user experience in a platform that drives continuous innovation.

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