A New Way To Do Business


Your business is unique.

We love tackling and solving the complex, messy problems modern businesses face. We have to understand our customers' industries, businesses and biggest challenges and relentlessly innovate together as a team to deliver a world-class solution.

How We Solve Problems For Our Customers:


We understand your end-to-end business processes, identify the biggest problems and agree on a rapid MVP use case that demonstrates value to business stakeholders.

Time: 1-4 Weeks


Working with your business users and key stakeholders, we deliver a tangible proof of business value with your own data integrated into the Blinx platform.

Time: 4-12 Weeks


After proving the value of Blinx and agreeing to the scope of a full business platform, we implement Blinx using agile  development sprints with your weekly input.

Time: 12 Weeks - 6 Mos.

Managed Service

Strategy and technology evolves. We complete continuous improvement cycles to grow and manage your Blinx deployment to ensure you always have the latest and greatest.

Time: Ongoing

Why Blinx are best-positioned to help you solve your business challenges.


We approach challenges in a brand new way. 

Blinx is built in a games engine - we use the principles of gamification to deliver a cutting-edge user experience that gets users bought in. The user experience is supported by advanced analytics that our agile Digital Engineering Team deliver, including predictive, machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing. 


We are business process driven. 

We started Blinx because we are passionate about addressing real-world business process challenges, and wondered why other software companies were not. We use our in-depth experience of end-to-end business process and value-stream mapping and optimisation in order to understand how best to deliver value for your organisation, and we prove it in weeks, not months.


We have the industry and technical expertise to help. 

At Blinx, our experiences include senior executive and shop floor practitioner roles in Supply Chain, Procurement, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Automotive and Chemicals, so we know our way around the business challenges you're facing. And with 25+ years of enterprise data architecture experience, we can integrate flexibly and in real-time to your data systems with everything from SAP connectors and APIs to web services, EDIs, FTP and everything in between.