Blinx unifies and links your data to put your business on the same page. To give you the Top Floor to Shop Floor and end-to-end visibility that unifies your business around your biggest challenges.

5 Steps to Deliver a World Class Solution

The features that drive change.

Top Floor to Shop Floor


World-Class, Everywhere.

Faster Than Ever Delivery

Unified Search

Scalable To Any Degree

Automatic Alerts

Effortless Security

Understand first.

Our first step at Blinx is always to understand your unique business and it's challenges, so that we can deliver a solution that is applicable from the Top Floor to the Shop Floor.

Collect the relevant data.

Blinx identifies and extracts the relevant data, no matter the source. All of these data files are then encrypted and securely transferred to your dedicated instance in our Blinx cloud environment.

Form an end-to-end picture.

Our cloud database standardises the raw data from all enterprise systems into your unified, singular data model. Relationships between locations, products, vendors and customers are all defined to provide complete insight.

Perform advanced analytics.

Our advanced analytics are driven by both pre-built, industry best practice metrics and by tailoring our data engine to the unique business problems we first defined with you.

Deliver a world-class app.

Advanced insight is nothing without an advanced app. Putting the user experience at its core, Blinx delivers a world-class app to your business. Features like alerts, collaboration and favorites ensure Blinx keeps everyone aligned towards solving your biggest business challenges.

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