Blinx Delivering Stobart Energy’s Digital Transformation

A Stobart user managing their processing site stock using Blinx's Stock Management module.

A great start to 2019 for the team at Blinx!

In line with the phenomenal growth of the Stobart Energy business, Blinx has continued to digitally transform the energy giant’s IT & Business Process landscape. The last few months have seen our Digital Engineering Team deliver Blinx’s Forecasting and Stock Management modules, supported by real-time integration with internal & external weighbridges, which provides a live, finger-on-the-pulse view of the business. Flexible, real-time integration to and from any system means that Blinx provides a single source of truth, giving Stobart Energy the digital toolkit they need to effectively manage a rapidly growing business.

Alex Jessup – Stobart Energy Finance Director and Project Sponsor

“What the team at Blinx have delivered for us over the last 18 months has been truly transformational for our business and our people. We’ve gone from a business operating in silos, using spreadsheets and different IT systems with little or no forward visibility, to one team operating on one integrated, forward- looking technology platform. The success of our project has been driven by Blinx’s approach: They take the time to understand our business and build their technology to deliver what our business needs, rather than force our business into their technology, and they ensure that we keep things simple and only focus on the key information needed to drive our business performance. Great guys to work with, true strategic partners and would definitely recommend Blinx to anyone fed up with “traditional”, “by numbers” IT solution providers.”

Time to value is everything, and with recommendations like these, our agility and hard work is clearly delivering against our customer needs. If you're facing challenges like disjointed data systems with no real-time insight, an inability to support executive views, a lack of internal agility lengthening time to business value, divided teams who are not unified around a single source of truth, high costs of internal and/or external resources producing manual reports, no ability to predict forward, slower reactions to customer demands and a poor user experience for your IT systems, get in touch with us to understand how we can help.

With our 25+ years of Supply Chain, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Procurement process and ERP domain expertise, coupled with a flexible integration architecture, our agile Digital Engineering Team deliver a different Business platform: We integrate and unify your data and systems together with microservices to give real-time insight, apply advanced analytics to give you the predictive views required, and deliver a gamified, cutting-edge user experience. The result? Faster than ever time-to-value for your business, focused on improving EPS & EBITDA, increasing working capital, mitigating risks and increasing operational efficiency whilst giving your users a world-class user experience in a platform that drives continuous innovation.

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