New Product Range, Website Announced.

Hey Visitors,

Thank you for stopping by to admire our remodel of our website! Please let us know what you think on Twitter. #blinxsolutions

Our new product range has now been segmented into 3 products, providing all organisations with the end to end insight that they need by integrating all systems onto a single platform that is underpinned with advanced analytics and insight.

ERP Lite, integrates with your current data systems, whether online or offline, in order to create a right-sized ERP for your growing business. ERP Lite improves business insight with real-time visibility and instant reporting, helps your business run efficiently to lower management and operational costs.

Modules, are created by using our ERP Lite as a framework, Blinx can integrate individual modules to your current business landscape in order to fit the missing piece of your IT puzzle.​​ We work with you upfront in order to understand your business process challenges, and then our Digital Engineering Team delivers a rapid implementation, getting you up and running in as little time as possible

Intelligence, unites your data, gives you real-time insight plus predictive looking intelligence and unlocks the efficiencies hidden within your data estate. React to demand signals in your business and keep your customers happy, reduce the time spent analysing data and unite your teams around a single source of truth. ​

Feel free to have a look around and if you require any assistance or have any questions, I'm at the other end of the chat box!

Speak to you soon!


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